Alabama Outdoors opened for business in Birmingham, Alabama in 1975 with the mission to provide the highest quality outdoor gear to residents in the surrounding area. We stock a wide selection of clothing, footwear and equipment for hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing or just walking to class or school.
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    17 stunning photos remind us how America really is the beautiful

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    I will forever adore that my home will always make lists like these.

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    Whatever you may call it, and however you may choose to worship it, this is the most formal communion with the universe that any of us needs. To breathe morning air in the wilderness, to touch our bare feet to the earth, to let the voices of Nature call us, and to be awed by the experience of it all.

    There’s no “teaching” (dogma) I can hand you that you can’t read in the Book of Nature for yourself.

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  • Very cool!

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